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The Best NDIS Care Provider in Brisbane

Serenity Community Care is an NDIS care provider in Brisbane committed to working towards meeting the needs and aspirations of people with disabilities. We have qualified staff that work closely with each participant. So, if you have us as a participant, rest assured that you will be receiving high quality care and development opportunities.

Serenity Community Care

Experienced NDIS Support Providers Brisbane

With some of the most experienced NDIS support providers in Brisbane at our disposal, you can expect round the clock assistance from us. Whether you need to participate in a community program, require personal assistance or want a manager to help you choose the right NDIS plan, Serenity Community Care is here to fulfil your diverse requirements.

To simplify the lives of the participants, we customise our support programs as per their requirements, and even their physical and mental condition(s). Besides, our compassionate support providers motivate them to accomplish their day to day activities without seeking external support. That way, they will gain the skills required to achieve their NDIS objectives.

Accessing the NDIS

To be eligible for NDIs you must be under the age of 65 years.
To meet the residency requirements, you must live in Australia.
You have an impairment or condition that is likely to be permanent.
Improving or reducing deterioration of your functional capacity.

Our Services

Serenity Community Care offers a wide array of NDIS support services in Brisbane for the participants. So, whether it is assistance with household tasks or personal tasks, development of essential life skills, you can choose the service that you need for yourself or for your loved one who is a participant.

No matter the service that you choose, you will get trained professionals by your side. They will assess the disabilities and provide help with all the tasks. However, if you want to select the NDIS plan that will suit you best, you should choose our plan managers today.

Reasons to Choose Serenity Community Care as Your NDIS Provider

Choose Serenity Community Care as your Brisbane NDIS support provider since

  • ● We have a multicultural yet proficient team of support workers
  • ● We offer a wide range of services for the participants
  • ● We help develop daily living and life skills while assisting the participants
  • ● We assist participants attentively round the clock
  • ● We help choose the appropriate NDIS plans for the participants

To learn more about the services that we provide for the participants, call us now

You can get help and advice from the National Disability Insurance Scheme by Contacting

1800 800 110

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