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Development of daily living and life skills

Development of Daily Living and Life Skills Under NDIS in Brisbane

As an NDIS participant, you will need to develop essential life skills that will help you live autonomously. But to develop the same, you will require an assistant having the necessary skills and expertise in supporting the disabled besides aiding in the development of daily living and life skills under NDIS in Brisbane.

When you have a proficient caregiver with you, expect to get the required training that will help you accomplish your personal tasks efficiently without the need for external support. At Serenity Community Care, we are home to some of the most skilled support workers ready to help you with all personal activities. Additionally, our support workers will assist you in developing the capacity to manage these activities in an organised manner.

Serenity Community Care

Comprehensive Assistance With Daily Personal Activities Under NDIS in Brisbane

Serenity Community Care aims to ameliorate the lives of the participants by taking holistic approaches. Thus, as a participant, you will get complete support regarding all daily personal activities under NDIS in Brisbane, such as

  • ● Bathing
  • ● Dressing
  • ● Toileting
  • ● Grooming
  • ● Hygiene maintenance such as bowel care, skincare, menstrual care, etc.
  • ● Administration of medicines
  • ● Exercising and other related physical activities

So, if you are struggling with any of these, feel free to get in touch with us. We will assess your requirements and offer you the support that you are looking for.

Why is Serenity Community Care the right choice for NDIS Participants?

Serenity Community Care is the best choice for the participants since

  • ● Our participants are highly trained and assist participants patiently
  • ● Our caregivers attentively assist participants with all daily personal activities
  • ● You can get round the clock personal care assistance from us
  • ● Our professionals are polite, friendly and understand the requirements of the participants
  • ● Our support workers will customise the service based on your physical and mental condition

So, whether you require help with NDIS personal activities or the development of daily living and life skills in Brisbane, we are here to meet your needs.

Serenity Community Care

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